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In particular, Izabella Kaminska has drew the ire of what she calls “blockheads” and many others refer to as “crypto bros.” It is a well-documented fact that the world of cryptocurrency investment is overwhelmingly male. Even Bloomberg News points out that many in the cryptocurrency game “do indeed fit the stereotype of anarchists trying to crush the world’s central banks by day while partying in strip clubs by night.”

Considering this culture of male privilege, the backlash against Izabella Kaminska may have been inevitable despite Ms. Kaminska’s assertions that it is “absurd.” She tweets, “My criticism of blockchain/crypto is being likened to ‘hate speech’ by those with a vested interest in propagating unchallenged claims about both the technology and the asset class.”

But is the backlash against Kaminska warranted? Many have pointed out that her opinions about Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies have been ill informed for quite some time. Take the Bitcoin Supremacist, for example, who tweets:

Some of Kaminska’s harsh anti-crypto rhetoric seems to back up these claims. In her work for FT Alphaville, she has quoted industry experts who call Bitcoin a “fraud” and liked Bitcoin business culture to a “cult.”

Do you stand with Izabella Kaminska against the crypto bros, or do you think that she deserves the disapproval that she is receiving? Let your opinion be heard on Micgoat.

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