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According to the independent basketball news source Fadeaway World, the entire thing can be traced back to a single moment between Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns (KAT) way back in February. As sports writer Kelly Iko tweeted, KAT was quite upset about the team’s performance when Butler yelled “KAT come on, quit being a f—king pu—y!”

Thus began a string of events that included a post-season trade request by Butler and multiple heated exchanges with administration and teammates. On October 10, Butler addressed Timberwolves GM Scott Layden directly during an intense scrimmage. “You f—king need me, Scott,” he said. “You can’t win without me.”

But are Butler’s actions justifiable? Is he simply rallying against an unfair situation? Basketball fan Brad Kimme asks us to consider an important question:

By “telling it like it is,” Butler is standing up for himself and defending his personal interests. He believes in himself an incredibly valuable athletic asset. And his recent stats are certainly confirming this belief!

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